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SOL School

Join the education revolution

Whether you are...

A Parent

An Educator

A Human

who cares about

their child's education

who believes

there has to be a better way

who dreams

of creating positive change have come to the right place.


Who Are We?

The Education Revolution
that the world has been waiting for



To revolutionize education from the roots on up.

A world of self-sufficient, socially-conscious, and globally-responsible humans who are working together to create harmony for all


Freedom. Encouragement. Love. Trust.

F  E  L  T

As Parents, Educators, and Conscious Humans, we believe that we have a significant role to play in making the world a better place.  


Awakened to the problems of the present, we are being called on to create solutions for the future.


At SOL, we believe that the solution lies in education.


We recognize that the future of the world depends on how we educate the children of today, because they are the leaders of tomorrow. 


At SOL, we are dedicated to establishing an entirely new paradigm of education.


Why Are We Needed?

The old way of doing things does not work anymore.

Schools are no longer a safe place.

Children are not learning at the levels they are capable of.

Teachers are not being valued as pillars in our community.

Parents involvement in education is greatly limited.

Why is this the reality?

The intentions and priorities of the modern school system are outdated and the teaching methods and curriculum are not holistic and comprehensive for the needs of a child.


What Are We Creating?

We are creating a SOLution to all of these problems, something we like to call "Education Ecosystems".

We are bringing family and community back into our children's education and bridging the gap between the public/private school systems and the homeschool system.


SOL methodology

our integrative approach to educating the future leaders of humanity



Our revolutionary curriculum is cross-curricular, hands-on & based on all the latest in brain science & child development research. We have created a learning experience that serves the whole child- mind, body & soul- head, hands & heart.



We serve children ages 4-18 and have broken up our curriculum into 4 different age groups based upon brain development. Children who are surrounded by other children of varying ages are known to learn & integrate at higher levels.



Our school model is based upon the the natural cycles of the Earth, as we are in fact creatures of the Earth. Our children will play & learn in nature, grow food & tend to their environment, & learn in harmony with the fundamental permaculture principles.



Our model is more than just an education system, it is a community. We are creating Education Ecosystems that bring families together to create self-sustaining, community-based learning environments for children & adults.

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